“Rewarding Career.”

I've been here at Teaching English for nearly 2 years now and watched it grow from 3 small classrooms to a massive building with 13 classrooms and several hundred students. From the very beginning, the work environment has always felt more like a family. Whenever I needed help for personal issues such as living costs and getting around, my colleagues and boss were more than happy to assist me. I absolutely love the working environment and it has taught me so much. You are not handed your students and classes, you work for them. Demos are given to introduce to parents and students how you teach and if the context is suitable for their child. If they like you, they sign. You are also free to plan your own lessons in whatever way you find best would suit your students. I've built so many strong bonds with not just my colleagues, but with my students and their parents as well. It's amazing to watch your students go from speaking close to zero English to being able to speak in complete sentences.

— W.M.

“Home in Shanghai!”

After moving to Shanghai to get my TEFL certification, I was unsure how to continue my time and teaching in the city. Working at Flying English was flexible and provided the support I needed to make a living, make friends and connections, and explore teaching! Everyone was so welcoming and excited, and will help you in any way you might need including finding housing, negotiating, transportation, and learning to live in Shanghai. The students all have a place in my heart and I can't imagine my experience anywhere else. If you are looking for a family and a place to grow and teach in Shanghai, look no furtherl.

— Laura.

“Flying is One of the Best Training Schools in Shanghai to Work at.”

After talking to a bunch of other teachers who also work at training schools, I would say that the teachers at Flying have consistently been the happiest. No one complains about curriculum or the atmosphere of the school. That is because this is a smaller school, and the current staff tries very hard to be supportive and helpful to each other. The reason I have my apartment is because my boss found it and helped me negotiate in Chinese, and even now I get help with everything from bills to basic phone calls. They've even provided free Chinese classes for teachers because we asked for it (we told them we could pay). My favorite thing is that everyone is serious about education and tries their best to make their own classes the best. The curriculum is set up to give guidelines, but you get to be creative with your own lesson plans and activities. The teachers have meetings to share how we do our own classes, and to draw inspiration from each other. I feel incredibly fortunate to work here, and I'm likely to stay at least another year. If your goal is to teach in China, Flying would be my top option. 

— Debra.

“Living in Asia”

Living in Shanghai has been the highlight of my life so far. I've traveled and met more interesting people from all over the world in my past 3 years than I have my 23 years in Los Angeles. I've learned enough Chinese to get around but could of been fluent if I took the Chinese classes seriously. The school itself is a great school where the staff and people actually really care about the children's education. They help you get settled in when you arrive by helping with bank cards, sim cards, medical insurance, and housing. Their support for teaching is excellent where all teachers help and give each other ideas on how to teach different books/ units. We also get free Chinese classes and a company trip once a year which creates a bond and connection for the teachers. Altogether, FE is a great place to work. 

— John.


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