Flying English School is a boutique English language school for young children in downtown Shanghai. The school was founded in early 2015 by two mothers, a former chemical engineer/entrepreneur and a young business consultant, who were both unhappy with the quality of after-school education in Shanghai. They teamed up with an education consultant and decided to improve the way students were taught. We now have a team of 25 staff and 400+ students, and will be opening a new center in Hong Kou district in late 2019.

What We've Achieved

In addition to English (ESL & Language Arts) classes, we also offer STEM classes and arts and crafts.

Our Mission

To remain a boutique language center, offering high quality education in the English language to young learners.

I received offers from many schools when I first got to Shanghai, but I’m incredibly happy I decided to choose Flying English. It seems everyone here truly cares about making a difference.”